Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Family's Reply

(a message received via e-mail on behalf of my current houseguest)

Dearest Frog,

We have seen the blog photos of your high living and wild times in Gotham, and like the Amish, we understand that it is necessary for a young frog to experience a different swamp as part of the maturation process.

We understand that you have met excitement and interesting people. Some have tried to give you a foreign French name to alter your true identity. But you have to be true to yourself . . .

Now we hope you will reflect on your lifestyle the past few months and determine if this fast living and neon nightlife is what the Good Lord has truly intended for one of Her greenest creatures.

We will be in NYC very soon. We have made arrangements with the airline to bring you back home to Iowa, green grass, trees, and stars. We hope you will come home with us.



Uncle John


  1. Oh that is just brilliant. I wish I had a family as witty as yours. Well, they are witty-- we just don't do things together often.

  2. Do I sense a Klein Family Croquet Showdown in Prospect Park in the offing?

  3. It's this Saturday morning, after pancakes at my apartment: my mom and dad, Uncle John and Aunt Carol, and me, for custody of the frog. I'm going to stuff them with my excellent pancakes first, to make them slow and happy while I stay sharp and powerful. :-)

  4. LOL!!! Your family is awesome . . . but then you already know that. ;)

    So how will it all turn out? Will the frog go back to Iowa? And if he does, will he long for the fun-filled life he so briefly enjoyed?

    Oh, the drama!

    I can't wait to find out! :D