Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Assembling Addresses

If you:

  1. are related to me or
  2. knew me before I moved to New York City or
  3. have exchanged five or more e-mails with me at my personal address or
  4. own a llama,

would you kindly e-mail me at chavelaque at verizon dot net? I lost my Contacts list in my recent hard-drive replacement, and this seems the quickest way to repopulate it. Many thanks!


  1. I don't own a llama but I do own a hedgehog. Want my address? :)


  2. My grandparents did own a llama years ago--and they weren't the only ones in their Arkansas farm town. Too bad they've passed away--they would've enjoyed the llama song. Thanks for the laugh.

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  4. Shoot, how come I can send Lisa Yee a bunny but I can't send you a llama? Blogger's not accepting the coding.

    Oh well, go to http://bunnyherolabs.com/adopt/ and then you can get your own llama. My girl has one and I have one. Also a hedgehog and a kitty cat.

  5. I'd rather re-invent the wheel than refill my contact list. And I've had to refill my contact list WAY too many times!! (Hint: once your contact list is complete, make a hard copy, eat it, and you'll have it with you for the rest of your life. You're welcome!) I feel for ya kiddo!

    Aunt Carol

  6. Hey! No e-mails from real llama-owners yet. What gives?

  7. Well, give me a backyard I can put a llama in and I'll put a llama in it. Though to be honest, I'd rather raise chickens.