Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Improvements

I was avoiding doing actual work this afternoon and updated my website instead: corrections on the main page; new links to the catalog copy on the Books I've Edited page; and at long last, Aristotle, Austen, Plot, and Pleasure: What a Dead Greek Philosopher and a Classic English Novelist Can Teach Us about Writing for Children. Woo-hoo.

I also put a new blog on the sidebar of this page -- one I've been reading for a long time, but have thus far been too lazy to add -- the lovely Betsy Bird's Fuse #8. Betsy is a member of child_lit and librarian at the Donnell Central Children's Library of the New York Public Library system, and she still somehow manages to write an insightful book review a day (and post many other fun little kids' books tidbits as well, including an ongoing list of Hot Men of Children's Literature). Highly recommended.


  1. Neat! Many many thanks for linking to me, Cheryl. I've done the same for your site on my blog.

  2. I ADORE Jane A. & Forrester. Thanks very much, will enjoy this.

  3. "Have a carrot," said the mother bunny.

    To which my daughter, Miss Picky, says, "No!"

  4. I still pay a great deal of attention to my bangs.

    The talk was great. I linked to it on AustenBlog--hope you don't mind. I think I need to print it out and re-read it several times.