Thursday, June 15, 2006

Squid squid squid squid squid squid squid squid

Squid squid.

I am pleased to report that last Friday, I received my first submissions envelope marked "SQUID"! And I've received four or five more in the week hence. I have no idea what the mailroom makes of it, but indeed, it always makes me smile. Yay! Squid!

Brooklyn Arden broke 1,000 visits for the first time ever this week -- 1,102, to be exact. Yay! Squid!

Lastly, I saw a writer use the term "electric-fence moment" in her LJ, which, if I'm not incorrect, was a reference to "Muddles, Morals, and Making It Through."* Bwa ha ha ha! The vocabulary is spreading! It will take over all your authorial BRAINS!




Ahem. Excuse me. Going to post a section of a story now.

* Those of you who have read "Muddles, Morals" might be interested to know that Alyssa just got engaged (yay for her!) . . . which makes me the last unattached female, or perhaps person period, in the Raymore-Peculiar High School Class of 1996. Hrmm.


  1. Ooh. Based on that list, I announce myself emphatically Pro-Squidder.

    Would that make the people who submit to me Squidsters? Or Squiddoes?

  2. Yes, now my whole story is fenced electrically. And for the reader, who thinks they know everything, there is invisible fencing buried throughout the plot. :))