Sunday, May 14, 2006

Congratulations, Hans and Megan!

Last night my cousin Hans Klein married the lovely Megan Hewett, in a wedding held in the Hewett family's beautiful backyard and officiated by yours truly. The ceremony took in total six and a half minutes: I welcomed everyone and gave a short meditation on love, then we went through the vows, rings were exchanged (with one small hiccup when I forgot to tell Megan to give Hans his ring), and by the power vested in me, I pronounced them husband and wife. Afterward there was a wonderful dinner with five kinds of cake and lots of good time with family and friends. Hans and Megan are off for a two-week honeymoon in Europe before settling down to wedded bliss in Des Moines, Iowa. Congratulations and blessings to them!

On a deeply less life-changing note, frequent readers will note that the dress I am wearing is not the brown linen dress I purchased for the occasion two weeks ago; rather it's the black J. Crew dress I bought in January, with a little lace installed in the front to de-emphasize the ministerial cleavage. And it was a pleasure to be part of such a meaningful and beautiful event, and I'm cheerfully available for all future weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies of importance.


  1. The wedding looks magical in the garden. Lucky Hans and Megan.

    By the way... your black dress looks pretty and proper.
    And now you can wear the brown linen dress to "The Editor of the Year Awards".

  2. Dress is gorgeous. I think that is so wonderful that you performed the ceremony for them.

    I'm already married and don't know anyone that needs a baptism...would you come out to Arizona and bless my house? I'll make you pizza!

  3. Ha! One wonders whether the little lace grill is removable for the party after one completes one's ministerial duty.

    Was Klein croquet played during any part of this weekend?

  4. My daughter said, "She looks beautiful in that black dress." Just so you know.

    But I gotta say that dress looks cold, if you were officiating anywhere near Iowa. I'm wearing two layers, both long-sleeved, right now. And this is May in northwest Missouri?! Of course, I'm a wimp.

  5. Congratulations to the newly married couple! Congratulations to you for performing the ceremony and looking fabulous!

    I don't have anything for you to bless, baptize, or marry . . . unless you want to bless my life and baptize me into the world of publishing by marrying my manuscript to Arthur A. Levine Books. LOL :-)

  6. LOVE the free-spiritedness of your cousin's ceremony. Congratulations to the happy couple! (And yes, I also think your dress is totally gorgeous!)

    Joan Paq.

  7. Killer dress, and what a pretty locale!

  8. Will you share your meditation on love with us? Please?

    Your Devoted Reader