Tuesday, April 18, 2006


A brief post to announce a little postbreak for the next two weeks . . . I've got an apartment to clean, a major copyedit to review, a friend coming to visit, Emily Ebers to finish, fun to have, flights to take, two speeches to rewrite, a sister to see, an author to meet, a conference to attend, an essay to compose, and other work and life in the midst of all that, so as much as I love blogging, I'd better recuse myself from the temptation. I'll be back in May.

Happy life and writing in the meantime, all!


  1. If you need someone to make you a dinner at some point in the interim, give us a holler, Rev.

  2. I just found your blog and was really enjoying it.
    I think you'd make a great kids' lit prof!
    Enjoy the break. I too need to buckle down and get some stuff done... maybe send you a query!
    Take care.
    Oh, about the housework... one of my favorite lines from an interview with J.K. Rowling went something like this, "Housework? I didn't have time to do housework when I was writing Harry Potter. Afterall, I'm not Superwoman!"
    I think about that statement everytime I need to make a choice between writing a new chapter or scrubbing the stubborn toilet stain.

  3. Well, enjoy your cleaning (if you can), copyedit review, friend, Emily Ebers, fun, flights, rewriting your speaches, sister, author meeting, conference, and essay composition. We will miss your blogging, but it sounds like you'll have lots to talk about when you return in May! :-)

    Enjoy yourself!

  4. You will be missed. This reader is already looking forward to your return.