Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hero of the Day: Miami Heat Guard Dwayne Wade

Gacked from AustenBlog: Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade will appear at Miami Dade College on April 13 to discuss one of his favorite books -- Pride and Prejudice.

"I've read Pride and Prejudice a couple of times,” Wade explained. “It's one of my favorite books, which usually surprises people. I guess they wonder how a love story from Regency England could be relevant to a 21st century basketball player from the South side of Chicago. Class struggle, overcoming stereotypes and humble beginnings, getting out of your own way and letting love take over: these are things I can relate to, definitely.”

Go, Dwayne! Love the poster too.


  1. Oh, cool! Now maybe young men everywhere will read P&P! Go Dwayne!!!

  2. How cool! Thanks for pointing this one out. Dwayne hails from my parents' alma mater (MU RAH!RAH!)and has long been a favorite in our household. My dad will be happy to have yet another reason to idolize this guy!


  3. Good for him! And, it would be great to see even more athletes and hollywood types come forward and express their enjoyment of reading an exceptional novel.

    There truly is nothing better than reading a great book! With the exception of writing one of course.

    Long live reading....

  4. I hope Dwayne introduces Shaq to P&P - the big man dropping random Austen allusions during post-game interviews would be priceless.