Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Let There Be Sight

And it was good.

(Any guys who make passes? I'm right over here . . .)

And my lost bag came back to me this morning, so my life -- the part of it tied to my possessions, anyway -- is again complete.



  1. Ooooh, you got your bag back? I like that happy ending.

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Have you seen this yet?

    Llama-inspired librarian humor:

    And hurray for all's well that end's well (i.e. lost luggage, broken glasses, etc.).

    Julia Durango

  3. Hee! That's great, Julia. Thanks for passing it on. And in case any of you readers have not yet seen the Llama Song that inspired it (or you need a little more llama in your life -- and really, who doesn't?):

  4. The Llama song has become the most performed dinner cooking song around our kitchen, that and the Guinea PIggin' song.

    Glad to hear about the backpack... sigh of relief...(what are magic jeans anyway?)


  5. first time commenting, i've been reading your blog for a bit...glad you got your bag back.

    great photograph! and the four loves is fabulous -- are you a fan of till we have faces? it's my favourite of his works.

  6. On President's Day, I found a pair of really nice size-8 jeans at Club Monaco for $20. This was such a conjunction of miracles (I fit into a size 8, I found something at Club Monaco, and *especially* they were only $20 at Club Monaco) that I decided they must be magic jeans.

  7. Mama said they was my magic jeans - they could take me anywhere!

    ... sorry. Watched Forrest Gump this past weekend.

  8. yeah for your bag! had you bought any repalcement stuff yet?