Sunday, March 20, 2005

Wall to Wall till We Hit the Wall

A quick report on Wall to Wall: Stephen Sondheim yesterday: It was AMAZING. Elaine Stritch singing "The Ladies Who Lunch." Judy Kuhn and Michael Cerveris on "Loving You." Angela Lansbury (or as I kept referring to her in awe, "Angela 'Frickin' Lansbury!!!") performing "A Little Priest." Neil Patrick Harris (yes, the former Doogie Howser): "Finishing the Hat." Patti LuPone: "Being Alive." And the aforementioned panel with Joss Whedon, Frank Rich, and Mr. Sondheim! Ginny, Melissa, and I barely moved from our seats.

However, that could also be because of pure physical weakness, because we failed to take any food besides a single doughnut into this twelve-hour event. The first five or six hours weren't too bad, and we carefully rationed the doughnut among the three of us in one-sixth chunks; but when the doughnut was gone, round about 7 p.m., things started getting a little shaky, and by the end of the night, after Barbara Cook sang "In Buddy's Eyes" and Donna Murphy did "Losing My Mind" and all 75 candles had been blown out on Mr. Sondheim's cake, we were in a positive musical-theatre-bliss/lack-of-food delirium. We staggered from the theatre to a diner, where we could barely eat, and then home to Brooklyn and Staten Island; and I shall say only that the aftereffects of such starvation were very much like a hangover, with everything that implies. Today has been a good day, though, with lots of sleep and lots of food, and other than not having done nearly enough (or indeed any) work this weekend, I am ready to face tomorrow.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the previous topic, but here is the headline that has most delighted me this week, from World Ark magazine:

"Sometimes, Alpacas Do It Better."

Can't argue with that. :-)


  1. See? You should have kept a moon pie in your pocket.

  2. Today has been a good day, though, with lots of sleep and lots of food.