Friday, June 08, 2007

"Deathly Hallows" Deluxe Cover Art

Scholastic just posted the deluxe-edition art for Deathly Hallows online.

Isn't it amazing???


  1. Is that a Hungarian Horntail? (I am currently re-reading Book 4 and just finished the first task this morning.) And it's wonderful to see Harry, Hermione, and Ron on its back. No one is dead... yet ;)

  2. Yes, that is amazing artwork. Thanks for sharing!

    (Forwarding the link to my 15-year-old-reluctant-reader-of-a-son, who scorns most books but will stay up till midnight reading Harry Potter.)

  3. VERY amazing!!!!


  4. A DRAGON?! Since when does anyone ride a dragon?! What are the rules pertaining to this? Ahhh, I'm so stoked!

  5. That is so lovely! I like it much more than the "Harry with hand stretched up" version.

    Serious love!

    Muuwhaaa, Mary! You have my constant adoration.


  6. Norbert? Is that you?

    Tying up storylines nicely, are we? No Ann Radcliffes here...

  7. Amazing? It's 3 kids riding a dragon (ERAGON, anyone?). And yes; it's Norbert, since Hagrid is dead. The older Weasley who studies dragons has been helping. They're flying over the sleepy town of Godric's Hollow.


  8. That is so cool!

    Glad there was a magnifying glass because my eyes aren't what they used to be.

    Kimberly Lynn

  9. Ah, Wizardeer, you're no fun. It would be commonplace in the world of Eragon, sure, but when have we ever seen anyone ride a dragon in the world of HP (which is the real world tweaked)? Plus it's a beautiful piece of art in its own right. Those two things make it amazing to (highly biased) me.

  10. It is amazing. It made me run to The Lexicon to look up more on the ten breeds of dragons in HP. HaHa.

    There seems to be a theme in the covers with orange-y skies. Hmmm...

    I both desperately anticipate and dread the release.

  11. Our intrepid trio on the dragon's back look pretty ragged, as if they've just been saved from a difficult situation, perhaps even by said dragon.

  12. Indeed, and if you'll notice, Ron and Hermione appear to be in school robes? And Harry is in muggle clothes.


  13. I found this very, very exciting and unexpected.

    But I have a question about the questions Scholastic is announcing. Does whoever is writing the questions know the answers? Have they read the books? Or are they questions they just think will be important in the last books?

    And it's Godric's Hollow, not Hollows, right? Can the publisher of the books really not have remembered that little detail in listing the possible locations of Horcruxes for the latest poll? I wondered the same thing when I saw "Room of Requirements" listed as one of the titles for a track on the movie soundtrack CD.

  14. The people who wrote the questions have not read the books. So these are all questions they're asking as well.

    And yes, it is "Godric's Hollow," not Hollows . . . I usually work with our online group to be sure every page on is in proper Harry style, but that one must have passed me by. Ook.

  15. Cheryl, Thanks so much for answering my questions. That explains a lot.